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After School Enrichment, Field Trips!
(In Person or Virtual)

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Book us Today for your After School Enrichment Program or In House Field Trips


We offer Virtual or Small In Person Classes at our Cooking School or at your Facility.  If at your facility we bring everything needed for you & your students to enjoy a Unique, one of a Kind Culinary Learning Experience! 


If Virtual - we offer the options for each student to have matching cooking and baking kits - in which we can do a contactless porch delivery or curbside pickup at our Cooking School!

We can also Design Classes to meet Virginia S.O.L.s!  Pricing Varies - per class - so Give us a Call today!  We can work w/almost ANY Budget!

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Take a Look at Some of our Virtual Enrichment Programs! 

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Our Unique Curriculum Entails:

Science: Food, Cooking and Baking is a Science. This program will provide a vehicle for lifelong learning and implementation as food science. Students will explore and experiment with the how and why of the chemical make up of foods and why they create certain reactions.


Health & Wellness: Responsive Behaviors & Fighting Childhood Obesity: Students will learn on how to successfully change out traditional unhealthy ingredients – with ingredients that are more fresh and healthier – but still taste great!


English & Language Arts & History: Students will read, recreate/write recipes and the cultural backgrounds of such dishes they will make. Students will learn how to effectively communicate why and where these dishes are made.


Mathematics: Problem Solving. Students will be taught and introduced to reasoning strategies on why and what are the best ways to convert volumes of measurement for wet and dry ingredients – if you only have one standard volume of measurement available. This provide an opportunity for students to apply their mathematical skills in real life situations and will develop strong personal confidence in their ability to do mathematics.

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