Commissary Kitchen Rental Rates
(Food Preparation/Cooking/Baking/Packaging)

Hourly: $65
(Must Book a Minimum of 2 hours)

Daily: $490 (8 hours)
Refrigerator/Deep Freezer Storage Fees: $65 per Day

Enjoy Renting Our Kitchen to bake your goods, prep your meals, cook and package your orders, etc.
We have plenty of accommodations - 2 Stoves w/ovens, 1 Commissary Refrigerator, 1 Deep Freezer, 5 Level Storage Rack w/wheels, 4 Level Dish Drying Rack, Guest Wifi, ADA Compliant Building with ADA Compliant Bathrooms, Metal Prep Tables, Dining Tables and Much More!

*One Time Client Fees: $65 Application Fee (Non - Refundable) & $200 Non - Refundable Deposit is required.*

*No Grease Laden Cooking on Stove Top. No Frying on Premises.*

When renting our Kitchen Space - you get the entire kitchen to yourself - no shared spaces!

Our Kitchens are Approved by the Department of Health & VA Department of Agriculture.
(804) 418 - 3921



*Victoria's Kitchen LLC requires a $65 Fee per hour -  to be paid for each Client's Commissary Kitchen Inspection.  This fee is for Victoria's Kitchen's time to attend/open building for your inspection. 

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Regular Event Space Rental: $150 per hour

Our Space is available for your workshops, pop up shop for client tastings, meetings, private dining experiences, etc. 


*Clients cannot rent our building out to another client.*